Monday February 19, 2018


chantelle fashion

It's hard to believe Chantelle Fashion has had its nineteenth successful year, especially given the turbulence of the markets and the obstacles any startup faces. Throughout the roller-coaster ride, there was something we always understood about our business: it depends on one thing — the people who love shopping our site. Chantelle Fashion has thrived for one major reason — you, our customer.

The Internet revolution has been unpredictable and explosive. Regardless of the extraordinary diversions, the Chantelle Fashion team has steadfastly focused all of its energy on providing you the best shopping experience possible.

Our goal is to make Chantelle Fashion the best of all worlds. By combining quality goods and customer service of an upscale department store with the discounts of an off-price retailer and the convenience of a catalog, we're creating the ultimate shopping experience. We're trying to create an environment that offers much more than any full-price or off-price retailer could hope to offer. If you try us, we hope you'll agree to make us your "store of first resort" — your first and final destination for fashion.

I promise you:

Deep discounts: Everything in our store is discounted between 25% and 75% off regular retail prices. These are the same items you would find at upscale specialty stores without the crowds, high prices and noisy mall location. Tremendous selection: Our staff has been selected for their taste level, relationships, and ability to anticipate trends. And our corporate headquarter is located in the center of New York City's fashion district, giving us fast access to the best product as soon as it becomes available.

World-class service:

We are committed to providing superior customer service. We know that every purchase will be a pleasurable experience.


Chantelle Fashion is always open, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — we're as close as your computer. And, if you don't love what you ordered, you have 7 days to return it for an exchange or complete refund less a 5% restocking fee and any shipping charges. Chantelle Fashion continues to get more of the best merchandise at the lowest prices. Through technology and creative thinking, we're constantly looking for new ways to improve your shopping experience. We are working harder every day to make sure that the best is yet to come.